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Spit-roast, Pig-roast, BBQ and other kinds of cuisine, in the urban environment or in the country, La Viande en Rose is a good option for feeding a crowd or any occasion, large or small. For private or corporate events, for a group of people in the city, at home (even in your backyard), La Viande en Rose goes to your place and prepares everything, in a safe and pleasant way. We promote Quebec products, natural and sustainable as much as possible, according to the season.

The chef has years of experience travelling around the world, exploring different and exotic food. He will guide you through a nuances of tastes, from local to international menus.

The formula clé en main as a buffet all in one is made for 25 to 300 people, party for friends, wedding, birthday, festivals, vineyards, cidreries and others.

You can choose from the variety of the main menu, side dishes and even the thematic suggestions. We can also prepare menus for specific dietary requirements or personal preferences.

We serve Montreal, South Shore, North Shore, Laurentides and Eastern Townships. Welcome to the wonderful world of the Urban Spit-Roast, La Viande en Rose!

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Pig Roast, pork loin, beef, chicken, lamb ... turkey for Christmas, wild meat available upon request. Whole Ardennes natural pork, lamb from Quebec

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BBQ Menu

Several options of meat, sauce and spice

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Dinner Cocktail 5-7

We have a wide variety of appetizers for your cocktail party or your 5 to 7.