Little Pig
(50 peopl. min.)

2 choices of salads

1 choice of meat (pork)

1 baked potato

1 choice of sauce

bread and butter

(you bring your dessert, your appetizers and your drinks)



Big Beef
(25 peopl. min.)

1 appetizer chef's choice

4 choices of salads

2 choices of meat (extra for 3 meats)

1 choice of sauce

Baked potato or vegetable rice

Bread and butter

1 dessert




(50 pers. min.)

3 choices of appetizers

4 choices of salads

2 choices of meat

2 choice of sauces

1 side dish

Baked potato

Rice with vegetables (basmati and brunoise)

Garden vegetables (grilled or in herb butter)

Assorted Desserts



The Boys' Club

1 choice of appetizers

3 choices of salads

Sweet & spicy pork ribs (chef's specialty)

Spit roast beef

Jamaican jerk chicken or Piri-Piri

Grilled vegetables

Greek potatoes style

Rice basmati with vegetables

Brownies Buzz Buzz or not


Thematic Menues

(50 people min.)

The Berber

The South and Caribbean

Asian Menu

Choice of Meats

Pork loin, beef (sirloin or side $$$), chicken, lamb ... turkey for christmas, wild meat available upon request.

Whole Ardennes natural pork, lamb from Quebec (if not available it will be lamb from Alberta)

Prices are based on the number of people and the menu and meat choices.


5 peppercorn,

2 mustards and maple,



Herbs and cumin,

Wild mushrooms,

Other sauces available on request